ARDO products stand out not only for their innovative and technological properties but also because they are reliable and durable, thus offering excellent uncompromising quality. The production process, constantly monitored and strictly controlled, ensures aesthetic, functional and performance quality of the products.

Highly skilled technicians take care of every detail of both the product and the process, in order to guarantee their compliance with the European regulations in force as well as consumption, noise and efficiency performance declared. All our product certification laboratories are TÜV Rheinland approved.

ARDO guarantees products with steady high quality standards, thanks to the use of first-choice resistant materials such as chrome, glass, stainless steel and high-quality technopolymers.

Customer satisfaction is our goal; aware of the expectations for a high-end product, all our appliances are tested and controlled by the German Inspection Institute TÜV Rheinland, which certifies their safety, quality and performance.

The Company is certified ISO 9001 no. IT242377 and ISO 14001 no. IT242381